After Greuze…

Just a quick entry to post a drawing I finished a little while ago. It’s a copy of a drawing by Jean-Baptiste Greuze. His is much more deftly and confidently executed. I find I like his drawings far more than the paintings they where made to facilitate. I drew it the same size as a photocopy of the original. I scanned both into Photoshop and then turned down the transparency of my drawing and slid it over the Greuze original. I know I should not use this for a comparison but, you know, curiosity, cats, etc. I was surprised at how closely so much of my drawing lined up. The jaw is a little wide/thick. I could probably go into and rework it to make it more accurate but I decided that once I compare a copy to an original in Photoshop I won’t continue working on it. At that point I’m using a mechanical aide for accuracy rather than developing my eye. So I’ll live with my thick jawed French girl. It was a fun drawing and a bit more of a challenge than I expected. Just to give an endorsement: Study Sight-Size drawing. Period. It should be taught in every art school and every artist should know it like they know linear perspective. And again, copy, copy, copy.


Greuze Copy Final For Blog


~ by Kelson Barber on March 28, 2014.

One Response to “After Greuze…”

  1. I know I’m no artist, but I love her eyes.

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