Alexander the Great and going “legit”.

At the MuseumI like to spend time at the Cleveland Museum of Art drawing. I have been working on two drawings. The first is of a section of The Education of the Virgin (@1700) by Giuseppe Mazzuoli the Elder. Ive been working on that drawing for what seems like forever. It is getting to a decent stage but still needs a lot more work (see example). Occasionally Alexander the Great Fini001I can’t get to my regular position to work on that particular drawing so I have a “back-up” drawing to work on just in case. The back-up drawing I have been working on is of a fragment of a sculpture of Alexander the Great in the Greek and Roman section of the museum. This collection is great, particularly the portrait heads. Unfortunately they are displayed a little too high to get a really good angle when drawing from the folding stools the museum generously provides. Hence the angle of this drawing.  I think this drawing is finished. The drawing is a little less than four and a half inches tall and was finished in graphite over approximately six hours or so broken up over several weeks (I can’t make it to the museum every Wednesday and Friday). I’m not entirely satisfied with how I represented the broken nose but I think if I continue with it I’ll do more damage than good. I’ll also say this. Every drawing looks better with a mat and frame around it. A little presentation can make your art seem legitimate.  You can almost convince people you know what you’re doing.

Alex and Me for Blog II


~ by Kelson Barber on November 17, 2013.

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  1. I love seeing and reading your thoughts.

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