A horse is a horse….

of course, of course….  I finished this drawing a while back but have just now gotten around to posting it. This drawing is a few years old (see earlier post) and I worked on it in bits and pieces over a long time (Was it two year? Three? I’ve really gotta learn how to follow through….) LIke all good drawings I learned quite a bit from this experience. I’m not saying it is an exceptional drawing in itself (Though I am pretty happy with how it turned out). In this case I’m thinking about drawing as a verb. From a craft point of view this drawing taught me a thing or two. I started it as an exercise in sight size drawing in my continuing journey to learn how to draw and paint like a big boy. I found this cool image, enlarged it in Photoshop, and then pieced it together to make the final source image. I know that making a drawing of a drawing isn’t always the brightest thing to do (kind of like a photocopy of a photocopy) but this looked fun. If your goal in making a drawing or a painting is to learn something and have fun doing it it’s really hard to go wrong. So the drawing is the same size as the photocopy and I used rulers, T-squares, a compass, and a home made proportional divider to make the measurements. Plotting all that information out in the form of contours around the significant value changes was the laborious part. I took a pencil (and sometimes a marker) to the photocopy to out line the value changes. I probably went a little overboard in identifying the changes but I always think it is better to over prepare than under prepare. I like to solve the problems I know exist and save the adventure for the things I had not anticipated (that’s where the fun comes in).

I used plain ol’ Lennox paper but in retrospect I think something hot pressed would have been a good idea. I used a range of graphite from 4H to 6B. I used Gamsol as a solvent to blend the graphite. Honestly, I was sick of looking at this thing and not particularly interested in finishing it. So I figured I’ll try this technique and if I mess it up so what? I’ve put plenty of bad drawings out of their misery in my day. When I started blending things I thought “This is pretty cool.” and my interest in the drawing suddenly started to grow.

There are so many layers of graphite in the dark areas. I did not use any powdered graphite but that might be an idea for another drawing. The best part was the reflected light on the edge of the mane near the ear. The reflected light in the source image was not as pronounced as I made it in my drawing . I turned it up a little. Excuse me while I geek out a little bit here but that was the funnest part to draw and I still like looking at that area of the drawing. I really like working with the subtle parts of value drawing. Those little parts make a drawing as far as I’m concerned. I know no one will look at this drawing and exclaim “Oh my God! Look at that reflected highlight in the mane. Glorious! A work of genius!” But if I’m standing near by I might say “Hey man, check out that reflected light on the mane. Nice.”

It is currently on display in my living room. I slapped a mat on it, made a janky little frame….Viola…legit. Funny how a frame makes a drawing or painting more….legit.

Hey man, check out the detail picture of the reflect light on the mane. 

And a little comparison…



~ by Kelson Barber on June 21, 2012.

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