Chronos Part Two…

I headed up to the museum again tonight to finish up the Chronos drawing from last week. I thought I could finish it but once again the beard decided today was not my day. Another 90 minutes or so today was a good effort and I think things turned out well. I began with fixing (or trying to fix) the nose. Looking over it yesterday it was apparent to me that the nose was just too darn big. I have a tendency to make noses too big because for a long time I was making them too small so I consciously make them larger than I think they should be. I caught this one before the drawing was too far developed to suffer from an aggressive artistic rhinoplasty. I’m not certain I’m totally happy with it but it’s working a little better now. The hair is still a challenge; there is a lot going on. The proportions are still not 100% but as long as you’re not holding the sketchbook up and looking at the sculpture and the drawing at the same time it’s not a shameful little drawing. The planes of value are developing and I’m starting to get some three dimensionality (or at least losing some of the flatness). I’ll need to go back for a third round. Not that I mind, of course, this has been a really fun drawing. Hopefully I can square up the beard issue (curses, facial hair drawing, my nemesis!) and hit the highlights and reflected secondary highlights. That is my favorite part…..reflected light….mmm….. So, below is a side by side. The scale is a little off between the two but I think you get the point.


~ by Kelson Barber on June 13, 2012.

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