Another Wild Friday Night!

Does it get any better than Friday night drawing at the art museum? Nope. I headed to the Cleveland Museum of Art this evening to get some drawin’ done. Friday evenings are great at the museum. Not a lot of folks there so the paintings are mine, all mine. Tonight I took my sketch book to do some drawing of some sculpture. If you haven’t been to the Cleveland Museum of Art do yourself a favor and make the trip. Viewing the permanent collection is free and the collection is amazing. I’ve been to a lot of museums in a lot towns in the good ol’ U.S. and A and I can can say that CMA is one of the best. Every piece is a winner and all the biggies are there.  Going to the museum feels like going home. I love that museum.

I went down to the Roman and Greek section looking for a subject. The collection of Roman portrait heads is great but they are displayed a little high for drawing from a seated position. I’ll need to take a collapsable easel to draw those. There is a great sculpture of Alexander the Great that I was going to draw but once I got into position I was just too low to do it justice. I then headed to the Baroque room. Pretty nice Caravaggio painting in there among several others. I set up shop in front of an Italian console table from around 1700. The top was marble and the support was gilded wood carved as Chronos or Father Time. Nice. I focused just on the face and drew for about 90 minutes. I just used cheapie sketchbook paper and graphite drafting pencils (2H to plot and plan, HB to hit the big values, and then a little 6B to get the shadows going). The hair needs some work and the beard decided that it did not want to be drawn today so I’ll head back next week to finish it off. It felt really good to just sit and draw in that environment. Tons of fun. Here is the drawing, unfinished.


~ by Kelson Barber on June 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Another Wild Friday Night!”

  1. Amazing!

  2. I totally drew the same sculpture when I was there sketching last time! It was a beautiful piece. And i agree about the Roman heads i did a sketch of one and they really are too low to get a good reference point. You should sketch in the Rodin Sculpture Room its great in there. Very peaceful and meditative in the evening hours.

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