Hey Mike, can you give me a hand?

Or arm….Moses’s arm. Oh gee, surprise. Another Bargue drawing. This is the one of the lithograph (photocopy of the lithograph) of the drawing of the arm of Moses that Michelangelo did for the tomb of Pope Julius II. For this one I was still using the same paper as the last drawing but drew with Wolff’s Carbon Pencils. I haven’t really put the pencils through their paces yet so I can’t really comment on them. They feel like charcoal pencils for the most part. I did some experimenting on some hot pressed paper that has a smoother finish and I like the results. I’ll use that paper/pencil combo for the next drawing. This one turned out alright I suppose. It’s been a little while since I drew so I need to get back in the groove.


~ by Kelson Barber on May 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Hey Mike, can you give me a hand?”

  1. Have you ever heard what Michelangelo was asked what he sees before he carved his work?

  2. Im digging this hand and extremely interested in these carbon pencils? I always thought that graphite was carbon…so whats the difference is the medium between charcoal and graphite? Either way I enjoy the subtle value ranges and gradations. Makes me want to make a nice graphite drawing.

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