Pardon my French….

This is the most recent Bargue drawing, Jeune Femme. Like the last one this drawing was executed in graphite. I don’t think it was quite as successful as the last one but they can’t all be winners. There were some really interesting things happening in the shadow areas but I don’t think I pulled off those relationships accurately enough for them to be seen in my drawing. If you click on the image at the bottom you can clearly see that in my drawing the face is just too wide. I did not notice how large this difference was until I took a look at it with fresh eyes a week later. I feel like I should go in and try to fix it but another part of me says leave it as it is so it can be a record of my progress. This is definitely an image I should revisit (draw again) in a couple of months to see if I can make some improvements. I recently took a class about how the brain develops, makes connections, and processes information. That has gotten me thinking about why I make so many inaccurate judgements during the drawing that I don’t recognize until much later. I’m sure all artists are the same in one regard. When we look at our finished work we can see only the failures. This has also got me thinking about Nietzsche again. I think it is in “The Birth of Tragedy” where he talks about appreciating something done to a high degree of excellence. One has an appreciation for it and seeks out examples of things done well. So even though my drawings have what I call a “Helen Keller” quality about them I still seek out excellent drawings. I want to see them. I need to see them. I want to make them…..and I think I need to make them as well.

For the next drawing I am going to switch up the materials a little. I picked up some carbon pencils recently. I haven’t used them much but they seem to behave like charcoal pencils (they certainly look the same). In fact I am currently using them for another Bargue, the arm of Moses from the sculpture by Michelangelo. I used the Somerset paper which I think was a bad idea. I experimented with the carbon pencils on Bristol board with some pleasant and surprising results. I think I’ll give that a shot when I finish Mike’s arm.


~ by Kelson Barber on April 13, 2012.

One Response to “Pardon my French….”

  1. Nice. I can’t enlarge it like I could the last one.

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