What I did on summer vacation…

Photogravure…that’s what (see detail at left). I took a couple of courses at the Cleveland Institute of Art. One was about photogravure and, boy howdy, it was fun. We learned an updated version of the method which included just a few steps. At first I was a little nervous about all the steps but after the first print I was feeling pretty confident. If you enjoy printmaking and want to incorporate photos into your work I would certainly encourage you to try this out. The teacher was very clear and accommodating and the other students were fun. You can check out my novice attempts below.


~ by Kelson Barber on August 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “What I did on summer vacation…”

  1. You are something else. Who would of ever guessed the soul of the quiet one. I really enjoyed these. What is amazing about children they never stop amazing their mom. What a gift. Thank you!

  2. Photogravure………..vary nice. Now what cameras did you use and format?

    i really like the B&W work…. keep it up. Now if you would just lean more right……DAD

  3. Love it! These are really good, I’d like to have some to hang up at my place, it’s all in BW so it would really fit. Any thoughts on using the nieces and nephews for some of these?

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