Just a little drawing…

Some time ago I was given some old books that were being thrown out. They were falling apart and unsalvagable. Perhaps they could be used for some type of art whose-a-ma-whatzit. I hate the ideas of books being thrown out or destroyed. This one in particular immediately gave me an idea. It sat about for around two years until I finally got off my duff to make it… today. The book is from 1898. There are a couple of loose blank pages that I figured I could use for a drawing. The paper is old and brown and brittle. It doesn’t take graphite very well and you can forget erasing anything. It is waterstained and moldy. I think I love it. So when I first opened it and read the title page an image immediately popped into my head fully formed. It was really nice to draw something really small again. It has been a while. Small drawings are pretty intimate. To really see it you have to stick your face right up to it. It gets you close to the physical relationship the artist had with it while making it. Plus, when you are that close you can smell the musty age of the paper. I love that part of the drawing experience. The sound of the pencil, the smell and feel of the paper…. is there anything better in all the world? I think not….


~ by Kelson Barber on December 30, 2010.

One Response to “Just a little drawing…”

  1. I found something interesting with the dime. Who ever thought you would learn more than you ever knew from your child’s art. I really enjoy this.

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