The eclipse was this evening (morning really). Thanks to typical Cleveland weather the clouds disallowed seeing the remarkable color I was anticipating. Luckily it was also cold… I took some really terrible pictures with my little six pixel camera. Some things accidentally happend which turned out cool (at least for me). Let me be clear. I know nothing about photography or how to take a good picture. Plus I’m pretty sure Ansel Adams could not have taken a good picture of the moon with my sissy camera. However, I have never let ignorance of technique or lack of proper equipment stand in my way…. I set the camera for nighttime landscape. I figured the moon was a landscape and who cares if it’s like a  bazillion miles away. I tried using the timer figuring I could hold the camera really still at the final second and see what surprises it would capture. Apparently, and what I am about to say is firmly rooted in my profound absence of photo-knowledge, the shutter stays open longer to let more light in. So there were two clicks. In between the two clicks I’m trying to hold steady but keep in mind it is late December in Cleveland in the winter so I have a case of the shakey-shakes. I like the goofy pictures. I liked watching the eclipse. Without waxing too philosophical, it is nice to have an experience that reminds you how big things are. The sun, the earth, and the moon, move through their celestial cycles in measurements of time that little ol’ me can’t get my head around. They are big. Real big in every sense of the word and I am tiny; a fragile, insignificant thing. It’s nice to feel the biggness of things once in a while. The eclipse makes me think of time and for that second or so I was trying to hold that camera steady with my numb fingers I lined up with the moon, the earth, and the sun….and I got some cool pics to say I was there.



~ by Kelson Barber on December 21, 2010.

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