Achtung! Die Uberpuppe!!!

Here is one puppet that did not make it into the show. This is Friedrich Nietzsche, the great 19th century German philosopher. He is the fellow that invented the idea of the “Ubermann” and famously wrote “God is dead”. That little phrase has been taken out of context since he wrote it and completely misinterpreted. Originally Nietzsche was going to have a conversation with the self portrait puppet and get all existential and delightfully Teutonic. I tried it out but it just did not support the storyline and, quite frankly, trying to do both sides of a conversation when one of the voices had a really cheesey German accent was more than my meager talents could handle. I made him as a “jumping jack puppet” because of the stories of Nietzsche’s propensity for marching around like a soldier and dancing after he went a little crazy near the end of his life. He is collaged with pages from his books “Twilight of the Idols” and “The Anti-Christ”. The scene was going to end with a great joke were Nietzsche says he has to leave because he has to “see a man about a horse”. (The story goes that he had a nervous breakdown and threw himself between a draft horse and the owner that was whipping the poor animal.) If you’re a nerd like me (I prefer the term “academic”) that joke is hilarious. I’d like to work him into a show some day. Apparently I made him look a little like Joseph Stalin which was unintentional and regretable. Uncle Fritz had a way cooler cookie duster than dirty Joe Communist.



~ by Kelson Barber on December 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Achtung! Die Uberpuppe!!!”

  1. I like him. I can’t wait till you put him in one of your shows. I’d love to see one of your Art classes put on a show.

  2. Awesome work Barber. I would love to come see some of your work sometime. Hope all is well at Brookside. We should get together sometime.

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